About DAM
     DAM means 'immortal' in Arabic. It also means 'blood' in Hebrew,
     and is the abbreviation of Da Arabian MC's.

     DAM is the first and leading Palestinian Rap/Hip Hop group.
     It is formed by Tamer Nafar, Suhell Nafar and Mahmud Jreri out
     of the slums of Lod, a mixed Israeli Arab/Jewish town near Tel Aviv.
     DAM's music is a unique East/West fusion, organically combining 
     rap with Middle Eastern influences and rhythms, creating a      
     powerful message of protest calling for freedom, 'straight up survival' 
     and peace.
     It is about daily life struggle, the Palestinian quest for equality        
     and the fight against discrimination.
     It is also self-aware, critical of issues such as Arab-on-Arab
     violence, drugs and limits on women's rights.

     “DAM are a must hear. A joy on every level.” - Hany Abu-Assad,
     director of Paradise Now, Oscar Nominee and Golden Globe winner.
     More about them can be found at www.myspace.com/damraphttp://www.myspace.com/damrapshapeimage_2_link_0