About Elliot
Elliot Manches is a filmmaker, ethnographer, writer & photographer.

He has lived, worked and travelled across Europe and the 
Americas, not to mention stints in the Middle East.

Along the way, Elliot has taught literacy at schools for orphans 
and street kids in Bolivia and Guatemala, and hung out with 
Zapatista rebels as a Human Rights Observer in the Mexican jungle. 

He studied filmmaking and literature at university, before becoming an industry qualified journalist, published at The Independent.

His fiction films and music videos have been shown on MTV, and at the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Showcase For New British Talent, BAFTA, and Sundance. His ethnographic documentaries have been commissioned by both major media and government organisations.

Elliot is also co-director of Film For Humanity - a collective promoting socially-conscious filmmaking, and providing workshops to help 
up-and-coming talent, particularly from lesser-represented groups. Resulting films regularly appear on BBC online.

For more information check out www.elliotmanches.co.uk .http://www.elliotmanches.co.ukshapeimage_2_link_0